Thank you for visiting my, “Is My Wife Having an Affair?” website.   I created this site to help people find out if their wife was telling the truth about her activities both inside and outside the house.  In my marriage of over six years,  if her best friend had not raised the RED FLAG, who knows how long my wife would have been sleeping with another man.

I endured many sleepless nights trying to overcome the flood of emotions.  I was severely depressed and my best friend became a guy by the name of Jack Daniels.  Once I was finally able to get out of the house and sober enough to drive, I began to realize that I needed to take action.  The key areas I focused my efforts on were here cell phone, her location and her computer activity.

My Wife’s Cell Phone

She never left home without it and numerous times at night I noticed she began turning the ringer off.  I saw the back light on the screen come on a few times but no audible ring or vibrating.  I found this very odd and started looking at the phone records and saw phone numbers I did not recognize.  I purchased this product to tell me exactly who was calling.


My Wife’s Location

Working a 60+ hour week, there was absolutely no way I could come home from work unannounced.  I had to find out my wife’s location while I was at work or while she was doing the GIRLS NIGHT OUT thing.  I stumbled upon this device and man is it amazing.  I can track my wife’s location from any computer and at any time.  Click below to read additional information.


My Wife’s Computer

This really was a biggie for me.  I am really not a computer techie guy but I had several items that I wanted to know.  I wanted to know if she was emailing him, facebooking him, IM’ing him and what secret website accounts she was setting up.  Out of all the software I tried and tested…..this is the BOMB!  I truly can see everything she does and even know her user names and passwords.  You have got to read more to see is my wife having an affair


I truly wanted to save our marriage but trust that is not something that is given…….it is something that is EARNED! In the heat of battle the emotions run rampant but armed with the facts, the war becomes victory!  Here is what I wanted to know and what I used to find out is my wife having an affair:

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